Building a solid brand is certainly essential for any growing business.

Catching the eyes of your potential customers isn’t always an easy job and having a distinguished place among your competitors isn’t that easy either.

The business world is cruel, in order to survive you need to have a remarkable presence, you need to attract customers and make sure they stay that way.

What is “Branding”  ?

In a nutshell, branding is an essential marketing strategy in which you’re promoting your products or services as distinct from those of other sellers or business owners.

More likely branding is the state, idea or image people have in mind when thinking about your product or service.

Let me rephrase this, you may have a product that already has been there in market or even a new product that has been copied by several other companies. But your brand will always be the distinguishing mark, your brand will always be unique.

For an example: one of the world’s most valuable brands “Apple”, you see that famous logo of the apple and think: well that’s apple the iphone company, their phones run on the IOS system, they are pretty reliable and unique. how did you know all that ? simply because apple has a distinguished brand, so prominent that you can hardly ignore the association between Apple and the products they are offering.


Why Branding is very essential to any business ?

The main purpose of branding is attracting customers and making sure they stay loyal to your brand, no matter how tough the competition is, no matter how big the market is.

Now branding is the tool that distinguishes a commodity from a brand.

A commodity is a product or a service that is sold with no regard to who produced it. ex: sugar and rice .

Most people prefer buying a branded sugar and rice packages to those sold anonymously with no brand name.

Now let’s see the top 5 reasons why Branding is essential to your business:

1- Your brand represents your company’s mission and values

Through branding you can shed a light on your company’s goals, achievements and the experience your customers would have dealing with your company.

2- Having a brand helps you stand out from competition

Your brand is the only way that would encourage your customers to choose your product over the exact same product or service another company is offering.

That only happens through a solid brand that promises customers a special feature or specific benefits they can only get from your service.

3- Branding helps identify and distinguish your company and products

Like we have mentioned before a brand is the best way to distinguish your product among other products of the competitors.

4- Branding is an important tool for building trust among your marketplace

People tend to trust brands that remain loyal to their quality and values, they would most likely buy from a brand that is trustworthy and consistent.

when it comes to consistency, branding is a key element. Think of branding as a message that delivers your loyalty and faith towards customers.

5- Branding helps connect with your customers both emotionally and business wise

Each company has a story and a message they want to deliver to its customers.

In order to make your product memorable, you need to have a brand that carries an emotional message and delivers it with ease to your customers, that’s the only way you make them loyal to your brand, most importantly loyal to your company.

How to have a consistent and solid brand?

Let’s think of Branding as a process that is broken down to several aiding elements. Those elements are essential to keeping your brand solid and perfectly put together. These elements are:

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design is the most important tool of the branding process, your brand identity is what identifies your business.

It simply defines how customers feel about your brand, it’s the magical tool that delivers your message through the most powerful way of all time “the imagery”.

It’s vital for a brand to be consistent, that’s why you need a remarkable brand identity design that would represent your brand where ever it’s displayed.

The brand identity design usually includes: the logo, typography, color palette, style guide and stationary which usually includes: business card, letterhead, envelopes and presentation folder.

Brand Image

Your brand image is the idea customers have in mind upon thinking about your brand.

For an instance Luis Vuitton has an image of finest quality leather goods and accessories. Rolls Royce has an image of a luxury car makers.

Brand Personality

It’s the personality you associate with the brand; for an instance you might associate Nike with youthfulness.

Brand Positioning

It’s the position your brand has in the market. It also signifies the segment of the market your brand is targeting. For an example : Victoria’s Secret is a women clothing brand.

Brand Equity

It’s the value of your brand and your market share.

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