We are a creative agency based in Cairo working all around the world to deliver outstanding brand identity design to help your brand stand out from competition.

How can we help you ?

We will help you build a strong and consistent brand identity design that communicates your brand clearly using branding best practices so that your business can stand our from competition.

Our Mission

To help you communicate your brand efficiently.

Our Vision

To become a leading multinational branding agency by empowering you to put your brand into its full potential.

We started as a home-based freelance company that evolved over the years into a corporate offering services all around the world.

What makes us Different ?

We do more effect using less design elements.

Our designs are simple and clean but very neat to let your brand stand out from competition.

Being able to maintain the balance between simplicity and a unique outstanding design is the dilemma so we take away all the chaos and unnecessary elements to keep our designs clean.

We believe that simple is creative, There is no need to complicate things, you just need to deliver a clear message to your customers. We will help you to visually portray your message into a simple, unique, memorable and creative artwork to achieve a recognizable understanding of what really your brand stands for.

Our task is never to deliver artworks that just looks pretty. We prefer building strong relations with you to establish a very deep understanding of what your brand requires, hence we can deliver a strong and clear message beside the visually appealing artwork.

In 2018 we switched into a fully remote company with distributed team with no offices at all.

Now we can hire the best talent (wherever they are) and let them do their best work the way they like.


” Our team work where, when, and how they want without any distraction.  Nothing between them and their best work. ” – Muhammad Alaa, Founder

With a distributed team, we can hire the smartest people no matter where they live and keep them if they decide to relocate.

Our employees live and work where they want and manage the right work/life balance for themselves. As a result, some of the most amazing and talented professionals choose to work with us.

Amwaj studio helped us get over our old brand identity design that wasn't consistent and now we can deliver our message clearly. They literally helped us to stand out from our competitors

Bassam Ezz-El-ArabManager, Vivachy

Their precision, commitment and loyalty to their clients are the reasons why I'll always choose amwaj studio

Mohamed GhazalCEO, Al Wosool

I didn't think a brand identity redesign would really matter. Now my business has never been better and I am known for who I am

Nancy AbdulKaderOwner, OKO

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