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Vivachy is a unique interior design studio offering the latest and most elegant and fashionable designs.

The business name is the English pronunciation of the Italian word “Vivace”
which means vivid. We had to design an icon that communicates both the
name and industry(interior design) clearly.

The word vivid has many meanings. We knew that we should only stick to meanings that are relative to interior design like: Lively, Brave, Expressive, Meaningful, Memorable, Brilliant, Dramatic, Sharp, Eloquent and Glowing.
The colorful meaning of the word vivid would not communicate the company’s industry or message properly so when it comes to colors we use the following meanings: Bright, Lucid and Glowing.

We decided that:
– The logo should be simple or maybe minimal.
– The logo should be creative and unique.
– The logo should have a 3D, planar or a negative space trick.
– The logo should be sharp to communicate authority, capability, quality, precision and engineering knowledge.

We designed a minimal letter “V” using a single line and a sharp crown. The viewer must think to complete the letter “V” using his imagination. This way customers should always remember the logo and connect it with creativity, imagination and thinking.

The crown represents Authority, Power, Supremacy, Leadership, Wisdom, Boldness & Strength.

Color psychology

Neon Green: It inspires youthfulness; it is liked the most by younger people. It creates a feeling of anticipation, and helps to clear the mind of negativity.
It communicates the meaning of the word vivid.
Gray: Reliable, dignified, professional, mature, intelligent, solid, stable, calming, elegant, formal and dependable.
It creates a high contrast with the neon green to communicate the idea of vividity.