Our process and services

What services do you offer ?

We simply help  you to stand out from your competition and increase your profit through strategy based design. This often starts by creating a unique and memorable brand identity.

Can we still work together if we live in different countries ?

Yes, we can simply communicate via email, phone and video chat as needed. If you are in Cairo or a country where someone of our distributed team is living, then it would be great to meet.

What exactly will I receive after project completion ?

This depends on your needs, however in terms of deliverables this usually include all design files .ai and/or .psd. You will receive the full rights to use any of the designs as you like. You will also receive consultation, support & research throughout the project, and after too.

How long will the project take ?

This depends on the exact needs of a project but we generally recommend at least 2 – 3 weeks for most projects, to ensure that the appropriate research and creative output is the best it can be.

What does the process involve ?

1- We usually listen to the client & define a design brief at first.
2- Prepare a project proposal & contract.
3- We sign the contract then we receive 50% deposit.
4- Research.
5- Conceptualizing & Rendering.
6- We create a presentation.
7- We listen to your feedback and work on your revisions.
8- We receive the final 50%.
9- Delivery.
10- Support.

Payment and Money back Guarantee

What does it cost to work with you ?

We have no set price list, but rather we listen carefully to your requirements and put together a unique proposal based on your needs.

It’s also important to remember that you are not simply hiring us to ‘do some graphic or web design’, but rather, to listen to your needs and to find the best solutions to help your business stand out from competition and grow.

How do you accept payment ?

For most projects, We request a 50% down payment to start working. We accept payments via bank transfer. The exact details and terms will be provided in the project proposal. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to delivering the final work.

Is there a money back guarantee ?

Yes. After the project starts, we usually cooperate in every step and If you decided to cancel your project at anytime we should calculate your remaining balance and give you a refund.

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